3YP (Three-Year Program)

For Potential Leaders & Pioneers

Do you want to discover and develop your potential? Do you want to be encouraged, challenged and guided along the way? Then the 3YP is perfect for you! The only requirement is that you’ve completed a DTS. The next 3YP starts in August 2017.

It is not just another program. It is life training with a focus on the following:

Year 1: Character Training

  • Mentoring
  • Serving
  • Getting a taste
  • Bible study (e.g. about character traits)
  • Small group
  • Supporting existing ministries and projects

Year 2: Growth in Character, Gifts, Abilities & Calling

  • Staffing consistently in one ministry area
  • Stepping into responsibility and being guided into it

Year 3: Multiplication

  • More responsibility, guidance begins to step back
  • Your own projects, ministries
  • Investing in others


  • Leadership training
  • Pioneering new projects
  • Servant leadership
  • Unpacking your call and stepping into it
  • Fostering your potential
  • Reaching out
  • Internship
  • Seminars on various subjects

If you are interested, please contact us.