The Pioneer DTS


Lecture Phase: 2019
Costs Lecture Phase: 1900€

Outreach Phase: 2019

What It’s About:

The Pioneer DTS is a DTS especially for pioneers and those who would like become one. For general information common to every DTS, please see Classic DTS.

What sets this course apart?

  • God is in search of people who will rise to the challenge, join Him in new endeavours and blaze new trails—even when the road is rough.
  • God is in search of people of integrity to whom He can entrust His work; people who see challenge as opportunity; people who will seek out answers—or become them; people with whom He can transform circumstances, lives and even whole nations; people who are prepared to actively invest in the kingdom.
  • God is in search of people who will listen to Him and respond with action.
  • God is in search of people who will devote themselves fully to Him.
  • God is in search of people who will lead a life of purpose with Him.
  • God is in search of people who will dream big with Him, and not stay put, but set out to make it reality—even when the task looks impossible.

If God is speaking to you, and you want to be such a person, then join us and take part in a DTS that will change your life—a DTS where you’ll embark with God on a brand new adventure.

How It All Started

During outreach in Greece this January, we were shocked by how far the country had sunk. In February we where in Slovenia praying for a local branch of YWAM to be founded, and we were horrified to hear that there were now only 25 congregations in the country, the largest of which had only 60 members—in the whole country there were no more than 2000 evangelicals. At a conference in Albania, we heard from a couple that wanted to start the first YWAM base in Montenegro, that four teams had just started in Greece, and that the surrounding countries only had very small teams. This opened our eyes and moved our hearts for Europe. We realized that not only Africa, Asia or South America are in need. Europe too needs people to go and spread the gospel. And then the thought came. Could we take an outreach through eastern Europe? From Germany all the way to Greece? We had long been wanting to start a Pioneer DTS of some sort, and pairing it with the new idea of a Europe outreach made perfect sense. The lessons of pioneering can be applied in any country. And God has placed these lands on our hearts so that we will pray for them, support them and maybe even go to help set up YWAM there.

To Apply

You can request the application package here.