Nine months of discipleship.

Two schools in one.

Deeper into the relationship with God and deeper into his word.

DiscipleshipPlus is a nine-month programme that includes a DTS and a DBS. It starts in autumn with the DTS and ends in July with the graduation of the DBS.

In order to have long-term change in ourselves and our lifestyle, we need both: discipleship and God’s Word!

In DiscipleshipPlus you will get to know a real, honest and deep relationship with Jesus, learn to love him, follow him and become more like him and also discover how God’s Word can be the foundation for your life. You will learn to read the Bible in longer passages, understand the big picture and apply it to your life today.

You learn the ability to gain strength from God’s Word and build your life on His truth, thereby having stability and perseverance in this uncertain world and bearing fruit in your community.


Why Cologne, Germany

Experience the rich German history. The crazy miracle God did in unifying east and west Germany.

Explore the many different cathedrals and castles from the medieval and ancient times. Dive into a culture that’s been shaped and blessed by the Bible and its values. Live in a place surrounded by beautiful and magical woods. Have your home in an old, traditional guesthouse located in the commuting area of Cologne.

Germany is formed out of many different kingdoms so we have various little cultural expressions (Food, jokes, dialects…) yet we all speak the same language.