Go on an adventure with God and reach our nations for Jesus.

What does it mean to live a life fully devoted to God in our society today?

How do I deepen, build or even start a true, honest, loving, and strong friendship with Jesus?

A YWAM DTS is not a magical place where you will automatically become a perfect Christian. Yet, something transformational occurs when we spend six months to seek God and practice obedience to Him in community.

You will learn how to run after God with your whole heart and use your gifts to be a change in our broken world.


What it is

The YWAM DTS is a place where you can know God, make Him known, and own your own faith. DTS is designed to create an atmosphere where you can grow immensely. Living together, learning from each other and seeking God as a community shapes your character and deepens your relationship to God and others.
A DTS is a six month school where you learn to be a disciple of Jesus and follow him in every area of your life! Learn about God’s heart for humanity, his dream that everyone would know Him and discover your unique calling in God’s great plan to fulfill this Mission altogether.

LOUDER THAN THE WORLD: Jesus calls us to be different from the world. The world around us is loud, but his voice and his way of life in us should be louder in our lives! We want to imitate Jesus’ lifestyle here on earth and that should speak louder!

What it will look like

DTS consists of two phases:

want to know where we’ve been on outreach to?

What to expect

deep friendships

transformation in the heart

bringing change


stepping out of your comfort zone

encountering God

spirit filled worship


sharing God's love in word and deed

working in teams

inspiring teachings

sharing life

praying & interceeding for each other and the nations

diving into different cultures


living a simple life

unforgettable experiences

walking on water

surrendering everything to God

being flexible and spontaneous

Purpose of a DTS

the DTS is designed to help you:

Better understand God’s character
Better hear God’s voice
To learn how your faith comes in handy in everyday life
To experience God through His Holy Spirit
To implement God’s calling for your life

Why Cologne, Germany

Experience the rich German history. The crazy miracle God did in unifying east and west Germany.

Explore the many different cathedrals and castles from the medieval and ancient times. Dive into a culture that’s been shaped and blessed by the Bible and its values. Live in a place surrounded by beautiful and magical woods. Have your home in an old, traditional guesthouse located in Burscheid, in the commuting area of Cologne.

Germany is formed out of many different, old kingdoms so we have various little cultural expressions (Food, jokes, dialects…) yet we all speak the same language.